Hesed Trailer Stolen!


Hesed is an outgrowth of Via de Cristo, Pilgrimage and Emmaus and is a retreat designed to meet the needs of all people, but especially those who are physically or mentally challenged. During the day and a half, guests and team members participate in a series of mini-dramas in the life of Jesus. Everyone has a part in these dramas and all dress in Biblical costumes. Many props are used and the scenes are alive and real to everyone. Following the dramas, guests and others at their tables, have a time of reflection and discussion, a related hands-on activity, and then all worship together in a service having the same theme.

In the trailer that was stolen were all of our costumes and props, kitchen items, chalices, bowls, crosses, and other chapel items, new songbooks, luminaries, first aid items, the large cross where Jesus appeared to hang, the stone (facsimile) that we rolled in front of the tomb… Literally everything that we have used to offer the retreat, things that have been made and acquired over the past ten years., were all packed in tubs in the trailer and are gone.

We are scrambling now to replace and remake things because the retreat, Hesed #10, is to take place on September 13-15…just a month away.

I have a running list of things that folks are graciously working on. We still need more costumes. Even though several churches have offered to loan us some, they often are much more elaborate than we need. If there are Pilgrimage brothers and sisters who would like to help with costumes, I will gladly communicate with them and share the type costumes that we still need. Anyone interested could e-mail me at smoore22@nc.rr.com or contact Fran Lilley at ny2uk2nc@aol.com and we will be happy to give them specifics.

There are other things, mostly props, we still need. The best thing would be to contact Fran to get an update and make sure that those needs have not been filled.

We are just beginning the process of notifying all the head folks in our Hesed Community about the terrible event that occurred last week. Please click on the website below (and then on the “trailer theft hurts religious retreat for disabled” bullet underneath the picture) to see the WRAL coverage of this. Chuck and I were simply devastated when this happened and spent Thursday talking to police and media folks. YES, we ARE going to have the Hesed #10 retreat, scheduled for the 13-15 of September, and YES there are certain props and costumes that we have to borrow or re-make before then. As you are the people who are helping to make Hesed a reality right now, we need to put our heads together and come up with a plan that works. WRAL VIDEO!

We are praying that what someone meant for evil, God will use for good. The publicity has already begun to help public awareness. Please join us in prayers for solutions to this tremendous problem. Attached is the most current inventory done just two weeks ago….so that you see our needs specifically.

Your prayers and encouragement mean the world to all involved.

Praying for each of you to be blessed by God’s Hesed love,

Carol Moore

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