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Please review the following important information before proceeding:

  1. KEEP US UPDATED!  Up to date and accurate information has become a crucial element in the vitality of the NCPP movement.  We are counting on you to help us meet this challenge, so please check your information and correct anything that is out of date.  When your contact information changes, please be sure to visit here and make the appropriate change in the database.  Meanwhile, Rectors, Head Chas, and Registrars will also be working behind the scenes to help keep the information as up to date as possible.

  2. IF YOU CAN'T FIND YOURSELFIf you can't find yourself in the directory, please email your updated information to the registrar , including the weekend # you made.

  3. STAY IN THE LOOP!  Keeping your information updated is important for several reasons.  First, it is how other Pilgrims can find you.  Second, Rectors use the information to select and contact their team.  Finally, the paper and/or email newsletters we send you will not be able to find you if your information is not correct.

  4. RECEIVING YOUR NCPP NEWS?  Having an accurate email address in the Online Directory is critical! If you have any trouble changing your address, please contact the web cha . I will take care of it.

  5. WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PRAYER CHAIN?  If you want to participate in the prayer chain ( click here for more information).  Search for your name, select Modify, then select the option Yes for prayer chain. 

  6. DELAYED CHANGES.  Your update will not be immediately reflected online.  It will first be sent to the NCPP Registrar who may contact you to confirm your change.  This process is in place to prevent inadvertent and/or malicious modification of your information.

  7. CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVACY?  If you are reluctant to make your information available online, be sure to select the online privacy feature when you update your information.  This way we will be able to keep you in the loop while protecting your privacy.

  8. USE RESPONSIBLY!   All directory information is for the sole and exclusive use by and for 4th Day members of the North Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage.  COMMERCIAL OR OTHERWISE INAPPROPRIATE USE OF THIS INFORMATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  9. GIVE US FEEDBACK!  All of your feedback is invited.  Please help us learn how this system could be improved to better serve you.

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